Jan 31 2006

Choosing a desktop Linux distro

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Thinking about trying linux? This might be of use to you.

Choosing a desktop Linux distro

I like Mandriva … well actually I like mandrake, but they changed their name/merged with another company. I’m not quite as sure about it ever since the merger.

Still to date it’s the best distro out there I’ve found. I can urpmi and get it installed usually within 60 seconds and I’m on my way.

I’ve played with red hat, and if it was the only distro out there, I’d still be an avid windows users.

I’ve played with gentoo, but emerge while has some great abilities when it comes to compiling everyting, as well as system wide updates. It just took too long to install/build new packages.

So I’m sicking with mandrake/Mandriva.

I really *really* like knoppix. It’s a lovely idea, and I’ve used it. For the most part all the same programs I normally run are there.

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