Jan 31 2006

EFF: DeepLinks

EFF: DeepLinks

“Even more damning was Senator Sununu’s follow-up question, in which he asked if, post-flag, the Senator might record three songs from the radio today, and listen to only one of them again tomorrow. ”

Granted this could be a good thing, and a bad thing. However it looks like that the message of a broadcast flag for radio was hit right on the head.

I’m so against a broadcast flag for radio. There are so many things you can do with analog tape that shouldn’t even be considered because it’s digital. The rules are till in place, they should stay that way.

Companies shouldn’t have the right to destroy content you’ve recorded because it’s passed a certain date. This is exactly what the issue is.

What if … a DJ gets shot live on the air, and due to a content flag all that evidence is deleted? This could happen, it’s not far fetched at all.

You’re not really thinking at the time … oh content flag, better dub this over to a tape. It gets deleted … no evidence.


You bought a new tape player that won’t allow it because of the content flag.. So you track down an antique analog tape player. There’s another law out there like the DMCA, and you’re breaking the law doing that. You get the evidence, but the judge has to rule it inadmissible, because you broke the DMCA to get it to an analog tape that wouldn’t delete it, the killer walks.

Don’t ask me what the audio could be that could convict a person.

It’s a horrible thought tho. You’re recording something, and its deleted automatically. We have a term for that in the computer world. Virus.

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